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    In May 2010, Ability Films was formed. The inspiration behind Ability Films is to bring much needed attention to a part of our society that is misunderstood. People with special needs are often seen as lacking something; at Ability Films we intend to show what individuals with daily challenges can do rather than what people believe they can not do, as well as how they are able adapt regular everyday activities into their own passions and hobbies that most people take for granted.

    As someone with Cerebral Palsy, I am the first to show my talents and skills through Ability Films. We are developing a documentary which will showcase individuals with disabilities in their day to day life.We will also be working with other groups supporting individuals with special needs in promoting their missions and goals by developing promotional videos, informational videos and training videos. The possibilities are endless from adaptive equipment tools to teaching others about their financial options, our goal is to reach people in a way that is easy to understand and easy to access; whether it is via the internet or social media, video is something that everyone is familiar with and everyone understands.

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    My Experience in Haiti

    I’ve ┬áhad the privilege of being involved with The Joy & Hope of Haiti for few years. To be honest I never thought going to Haiti was a realistic goal…

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